What is ThetaHealing and does it work?

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The term may be new to you but in the fields of alternative therapies, ThetaHealing has been a go-to therapy since 1995 when the designer of the meditation technique, Vianna Stibal, discovered a powerful way to heal limiting beliefs, stress and physical ailments.

Thanks to Theta’s claims to transform physical, emotional and mental health at a cellular level, it is now gaining momentum around the world. While it’s gaining popularity in Australia, it was in New York City that I was introduced to the practice which involves a body/mind meditation that heals blockages from within by tapping into universal connectors, chakras and theta brainwaves. It might all sound a little ‘out there’ but from my experience, the results are exceptional.

I met with co-owner and TH specialist Tara Greenaway at ThetahealingNYC in Manhattan and was immediately embraced by her warm energy.

Since the premise of ThetaHealing is based on the idea that our belief systems create our current environment, including our daily patterns, our health, our wealth and our relationships. Tara started by asking me what it was I wanted to change in my life. I spoke about career and relationship challenges and our conversation soon presented other issues. Apparently I had quite a bit of healing to do!

Thetahealing incorporates muscle testing, similar to kinesiology but via a much simpler premise. The patient holds together the index finger and thumb and the practitioner, before and after the meditation, asks questions then tests the pressure applied between the finger and thumb.

Tara, who’s been a dedicated practitioner for 10 years, demonstrated this to me by asking me to say, ‘My name is Kelli’ I did and as she pulled at my finger and thumb they stayed glued together. Then when I said ‘My name is Bob’ the grip came undone because it wasn’t a statement I believed to be true. This was then applied to a series of questions relating to my career, relationships and self-esteem. As various emotions surfaced, Tara tapped into a higher consciousness to clear the negativity that was acting as a roadblock to stress relief or finding resolution and true happiness.

Each time she healed my blockages we’d redo the muscle test and sure enough when I’d repeat the phrase she’d asked me before – for example “I believe I deserve true love” – the grip would remain strong, whereas before the healing my grip had come undone. And as the 30-minute session passed I started to feel lighter, more relaxed and confident. It was truly unbelievable and energising.

Mark Anthony, a Thetahealing Master from Co-Creation ThetaHealing in Sydney describes Theta as an empowerment tool that allows people to regain their lives by changing their emotional state. “ThetaHealing allows the person to release the stress that is causing their issues. Humans are generally very emotional beings and it’s easy for them to get caught up in emotions of being unloved, unappreciated, abandoned…The feelings that proceed are resentment, anger and abandonment which can lead to illness.”

Tara says her clients range from people who have depression and anxiety and love issues to those who want to manifest abundance into their life. Other practitioners work with patients suffering from physical pain. She also says that we are all capable of learning the technique and healing ourselves.

“There’s a basic certification that’s three days long that we teach in New York and you are certified at the end. It seems quick, but the technique is actually so simple and elegant that it can be learned in three days,” says Tara who recommends her clients study the technique once they’ve surpassed five sessions.

The healing is said to connect on a deeper level after a sleep cycle. I did go to bed that night with a raging headache but I woke up with glowing skin and free of my locker room worth of baggage that had been weighing me down.

Mark says, “People can expect to feel calm and more relaxed. It is very difficult for many people to change their emotional state and Thetahealing healing does that. Often people experience massive shifts that transform their outlook on life.”

I’m yet to nab that CEO job or the love of my life but I feel closer than ever to manifesting my best life yet!

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