What Sporte is eating this week!

Sporte The Frenchie

It’s kinda hard to not be healthy in my life. I’m the mascot for Sporteluxe and my mum lives and breathes health and fitness so I don’t get a choice really. You could probs say that I’m one of the healthiest Frenchies in the dogsphere! Anyway, I thought I would share with you what’s been on my yum list this week!

Ivory Coat Peanut Butter treats

Ivory Coat

Shop → Chewy Peanut Butter Treats, $9.99

I’m pretty excited that these taste like peanut butter and are so darn good for me! My mum says that she can even eat these as they contain human grade ingredients with no artificial flavours, colours, wheat, rice, soy or yucky by-products. Sorry mum, I don’t do sharing so grab your own!

Holistic health

Holistic Select

Shop → Grain Free Adult & Puppy Health, $38 approx

Paleo, gluten free, dairy free, you name it! I’m no diet snob, but this product is free from it all! What I love the most? The digestive enzymes, active probiotics to help my bloating and the generous amount of healthy fibre. I feel less bloated just by writing this! Don’t complain about your bloating anymore mum. Maybe you should get onto something similar?

Coconut water, C Coconut water

C Coconut Water

Shop → C Organic Coconut Water, $35.85 per carton

Ok, so my drink of choice is coconut water. Seriously! Mum serves it to me chilled on a hot day and I lap it up! My breeder also told mum that coconut water is great for growing puppies as it rehydrates, gives us energy and also helps with a silky shiny coat!