What’s Face Mapping and should you be doing it?

A little while ago I started to notice that my skin was changing. More freckles had been appearing along with dry patches and pimples. All-in-all my skin just lacked that glow that I had always been so used to seeing. Unsure of what was happening, I decided it was finally time to go and see a skin therapist for a deeper look. After all I’m an ex beauty therapist, so I should know better!

After researching who to go to, I finally decided to head to a Dermalogica therapist. I’d read that the Dermalogica skin therapists are regarded as the most skilled and knowledgeable in the country. So I booked an appointment to have my skin ‘Face Mapped’. Non-intrusive, it’s a simple skin analysis and a wonderful tool that can read your skin’s past and present. It took no more than 10 mins for me. My therapist divided my skin into fourteen ‘zones’. She examined each zone inch-by-inch while jotting it all down on a prescription sheet to illustrate where my problem areas were. Anyway, little did I know that pigmentation that I was just starting to see now was actually from lack of sun care years ago. It just goes to show that the first rule of preventing premature, protecting your skin from the sun, really is so true. The areas of congestion on my face were caused by dehydration (here I was thinking drinking enough water) and not cleansing properly. Can you believe it? All-in-all the experience taught me a couple of things. Namely to always use suncare during the day (which I don’t always do) and to drink more water.

So what products did I walk out with? The Gentle Cream Exfoliate that provides a deeper exfoliation and the Skin Perfect Primer with SPF30 which I am loving! No need for make-up with this one, I use it after my moisturiser and I’m set for the day. And lastly the Extra Firming Booster that just gives my skin that extra boost it needs. Think plumper skin morning and night!

So, if you’re noticing anything about your skin that you’re unsure of, head to a Dermalogica skin therapist for a deeper analysis. Trust me you’ll be impressed! For a complimentary Face Mapping with Dermalogica expert, visit to www.dermalogica.com.au

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