A Sneak Peek Inside My Bag!

As a blogger for Sporteluxe documenting everything stylish and healthy in the active life, I’m lucky enough to have the some of the best products at my fingertips. So which products do I favour? Click here to read.

Apple iPad I always use my iPad for reading and researching while out all day. The iPad comes in handy especially when I am at jobs or relaxing for a fruit and vegetable juice at a local cafe.

Moscot Sunglasses: I love these sunglasses. I prefer the bigger framed sunglasses and always go for a chic and classic look.

Dove deodorant: I always use the DOVE pure deodorant because it is fragrance, paraben, colourants and alcohol free.

Kosmea Rose Hip Oil: In winter I always carry Rose Hip oil around in my bag as my skin becomes dehydrated a lot. It’s a great pick me up when out all day. I usually use a few drops of the oil mixed in with a few drops of water and massage all over my skin on my face.

Grown Alchemist Watermelon Lip Balm: Every girl has a lip balm in her bag. I like the Grown balm because of the vanilla and watermelon scent and that it is high in antioxidants. My lips always feel so soothed after I rub this on.

Nike Sports Watch: I wear my Nike Sports Watch everyday and while I am exercising. I also have one in white. Its a great running watch and I can’t get enough of them.

C Coconut Water:  Great for a pick me up drink when I’m out all day. I love this coconut water! So hydrating and refreshing.

Soma Bite: I LOVE these snacks! So healthy and delicious. I always throw a tin of these in my bag for the day to snack on.

Oroton 1938 Barrel Bag: Oroton gifted this bag to me for a job I did for them. It fits everything in there.

Canon 20D: I don’t go far without my camera in my bag or hung over my shoulder. I love taking pictures, and especially with my blog, grabbing that image of a moment that you will never get to take is really important for me.

Chanel Perfume: My mum wore this perfume when I was growing up, and so I wear the Coco Chanel perfume because every time I wear it, it reminds me of her being close to me.