Which face wipe is right for you?

Face wipes

Face wipes are the key to a fresh face on the go. It’s super handy to have a pack in your handbag ready for action before or after the gym, when you’re travelling or just to freshen up during the day. However, face wipes have come a long way and there are now more options than ever before. Two trends in face wipes right now are wipes which use natural cleansing ingredients and wipes which also give your skin some exfoliation action at the same time. We’ve rounded up some of the latest and greatest face wipes, both natural and exfoliating, to help you decide which face wipe style is right for you and your skin.

Natural Face Wipes

 Yes To Cucumbers, face wipes

Yes to Cucumbers

Shop → Yes To Cucumbers Facial Wipes, $9.99

We’re saying yes to these wipes! They’re the perfect all-rounder to remove sweat and make-up. Anywhere and anytime. As well as being all-natural they’re also biodegradable.

Face wipes, Burts Bees

Burt’s Bees

Shop → Burt’s Bees Facial Cleansing Towelettes with White Tea Extract, $9.95

A wipe to remove make-up, cleanse and tone in one? Yes please! Infused with white tea, cucumber extract and aloe, these wipes will soothe your skin leaving it fresh and clean. Perfect before bed!

Wot not, facial wipes

Wot Not

Shop → Wot Not Facial Wipes, $7.95

Wot Not reckon they’re as close to nature as a facial wipe can be and we’re inclined to agree! With certified organic rosehip and sweet almond oils as well as organic aloe vera, they’re ideal for sensitive skin.

Exfoliating Face Wipes

Nip + fab, exfoliating face wipes

Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Pads

Shop → Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Pads, $24.37

These exfoliating facial pads are soaked in glycolic acid to resurface your skin and are said to make it look younger and more radiant. Sounds good to us!

Facial wipes, exfoliating facial wipes. Milk and Co

Milk & Co

Shop → Milk & Co Beauty Wipes, $9.95

To exfoliate or not to exfoliate? That is the question! With these two-sided wipes, you can choose when to just cleanse and when to clear your face of dead skin and deeper grime. Suitable for all skin types, these extra large wipes will become a handbag staple!

Go to skincare, Exfoliating wipes


Shop →  Go-To Exfoliating Swipeys, $45.95

We may have just saved the best for last! Because these babies are both natural and exfoliating! How clever is that?!  Designed to simplify the task of exfoliation, these single-use facial pads are soaked in an all-natural solution to exfoliate and hydrate your skin. The clever combination of lactic acid and essential oils will remove dead skin, refine skin texture and deeply moisturise your face at the same time. We also love their fresh and fruity scent.

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