Why a New Year health check is a great idea for pets!

Sporte The Frenchie, French Bulldog, french bull dog puppy
Photographer: Chantel Cheah || Model: Sporte The Frenchie

Josie Gollan, Sydney Vet

We asked Today show vet Dr Josie Gollan shares some helpful advice about pet health and explains why a general health check is a great idea for your furry family members.

“A trip to the vet should definitely be on the New Year’s to do list for pet owners. Just like us, our pets need annual health checks to ensure they stay in top condition and to make sure diseases are detected and treated early. It is also when all their vaccinations and preventative medicines are updated.

At an annual visit your vet will give your pet a thorough physical examination but ensure you also ask about your pet’s teeth. Dental disease is one of the most common problems in our pets and regular cleans are essential in maintaining a pain free and healthy mouth.

Also, remember to point out any new lumps or bumps your pet may have. It is a good idea to draw a ‘map’ of your pet’s lumps before the visit so that they can be found during the consultation. I have spent many consults looking for lumps with owners to no avail!

Finally, to get the most out of your visit, come armed with the following information:

·         Your pet’s diet, including brand of food.
·         Your pet’s preventative medication (worming/fleas etc), brand and frequency.
·         Your pet’s drinking and urination habits. Monitoring how much they drink in 24hours can be a good early indicator for things such as diabetes and kidney disease.
·         If you are visiting a new vet, take your pet’s previous medical history with you. This includes any medication prescribed by a different vet.

Lastly, always write down any questions you have beforehand so you don’t forget them. Remember, vets are there to help your pet. So providing them with accurate information to questions will help them take the best care of your furry friend!”

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