Why bone broth is a nutrition-packed natural immune-booster!

Like many nutritionists I love bone broth. Homemade bone broth is easy to make, it’s essentially just bones slowly cooked to create a stock. Just like grandma used to make!

Bone broths are a nutritional powerhouse. Our bodies thrive off this primal creation which is jam-packed full of goodies. It boosts the immune system and promotes muscle growth. Bone broth is even said to prevent us craving the “bad fats” as a lack of good protein, particularly animal fats, can be the reason why we crave those unhealthy trans-fats that are found in junk food.

A great winter warmer, you can drink it on its own as a broth or use it in place of processed pre-made stocks as the basis for a yummy homemade soup. A great tip is to make a massive batch of bone stock and freeze it so you’ll always have some on hand!

Image credit: Thinkstock