Why detox during winter (and without a single juice)

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I think we get it into our heads that it’s a bit too hard to detox or cleanse in the winter months. But you know what, when you look after yourself in the winter (for that matter any time of the year), you feel clearer and by the time spring comes around, you feel light and ready to take on anything. Most people detox in the spring in the lead up to summer but I reckon, you can do it just about anytime of the year.

Tips on cleansing in the winter months:

  1. Obviously it’s no fun to be eating salads at this time of year, which is probably just as well, as they would be far too cooling for your body. You want to think about thinks like soups, stews, quinoa risottos, and anything slow cooked. Oh, and teas too. Just because it’s a cleanse doesn’t mean you have to be hungry.
  2. The same basic principles aligned to a summer detox apply. Go for real food, honest food – I’m talking fruit and vegetables, free range meats (organic where you can). This real food is what your body thrives off.
  3. Up the warming spices. These not only help to keep you warm, but they speed up your metabolic rate, so think about cooking with chillies, paprika and ginger as well.
  4. Pull the packet stuff out of your diet as soon as possible. If you read the back of something seemingly healthy, such as a muesli bar, and it feels like you’re in Year 12 chemistry class then pop it back down. It’s not real food if its full of numbers or you don’t know how to say the lengthy words in the ingredients list. If those cases, there’s a good chance that food could outlive you and there’s nothing natural about it.
  5. If you are going buy something from a packet, like a gluten free bread, then aim for five ingredients maximum to make sure it’s not too over-processed.
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