Why do we say om at the end of yoga?

Do you om? And if you do have you ever wondered why? I only just discovered the reason why we do this at the end of each yoga practice. Not knowing exactly what the deal was with om, I used to always keep one eye open and kind of sit there awkwardly the end of yoga as everyone else made this funny little sound. But after a while I became a little curious as to why it was done. So I asked our resident yoga guru Kate Kendall from Flow Athletic to explain. “Not only does it seal your practice, but in a study conducted at the National Institute of Mental Health and Neuroscience in India, saying om was found to be highly beneficial in the treatment of depression,” says Kate. “It actually produces the opposite feelings to what we experience when we’re depressed, fearful or traumatised.” This is achieved through the vibration the sound of om makes in our bodies. So next time you’re at yoga, why not bust out a little om at the end of your practice? As an om convert, take it from me, you’ll happily bounce out of your yoga class.

Photography by Chantel Cheah from Imagesbychantel.com/ creative and styling by me!
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