Why earth grounding is the quickest way to boost your body

It sounds like the stuff of science classes and almost science fiction, but truth is earth grounding (also known as earthing or grounding to proponents) is the quickest and cheapest way to give your body and instant and ongoing boost.

So what exactly is earth grounding?

The simple answer is earthing is when you connect and bond your bare skin with Mother Earth in order to receive a negatively-charged surge of energy that grounds you. Those negatively-charged electrons help to neutralise the positively-charged free radicals that negatively affect your body’s capacity to heal itself naturally. Sounds like fiction, but it’s actually pure scientific fact. Electricians know all about earthing when it comes to electric currents. Same principle applies to our bodies and the earth. It’s why we feel so good after walking barefoot on fresh grass or strolling on a beach.

What’s the science behind it?

The Earth possesses an unlimited and continuously renewed supply of “free” or “mobile” electrons as a result of a global atmospheric electron circuit. What this means is that the Earth has a greater negative charge than your body, so your body absorbs these negative electrons, which have a potent antioxidant-like effect as well as anti-inflammatory properties.

Check out Mercola’s website for more information.   Earthing

A study in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine demonstrated that connecting the human body to the Earth during sleep (earthing) helps normalise daily cortisol rhythms (balances stress hormones), improve sleep, reduce pain and decrease inflammation. Subsequent studies have confirmed these earlier findings, which is great to remember next time you’re snoozing on the grass in a park or on the beach.

Why do we need to earth ourselves?

The Earth provides you with air, water and food as well as the ground you live on. Being grounded keeps you balanced and healthy which can help your body do the job it was designed to do. If your body becomes unbalanced with positively charged ions, then it disrupts your normal bodily functions creating issues such as increased inflammation, hormonal imbalance, tissue damage and impaired immune function. So just like you need sunshine to naturally synthesise vitamin D, you need regular bare skin contact with the Earth to remain grounded and healthy – even more so if you live in busy, built up urban areas!

How often should I do it?

As often as possible. You can’t “over Earth” yourself! If your immune system is challenged with any illness or stress, then the more you Earth yourself, the quicker you will heal and the better you will feel.

Are there other ways to earth or ground yourself without going outside?

While getting outside to ground or earthing naturally is ideal, it’s not always practical. There are many companies that now provide earthing equipment such as sheets, foot pads, computer mats and blankets. These are either plugged into the earthing point of your power point (the bottom hole in Australia) or connected to a grounding rod that is put in the ground outside and run into the home. So, if you work a lot at the computer or drive a lot, these are great. Log onto Barefoot Healing for more info.

Why and how will it make me feel better?

Earthing helps your body internally neutralise free radical damage, meaning it can help decrease inflammation, improve your immune function and decrease organ and tissue destruction.

You may notice increased energy, decreased pain or muscle tension, fewer headaches (due to decreased inflammation), improved sleep (which, in turn, supercharges healing), decreased stress levels (due to a more balanced nervous system), improved healing time from injuries or illness, better concentration, and fewer hormonal symptoms, such as PMS or mood swings. The list could go on forever!

Earthing is essentially free and easy, and can make a huge difference to your health whether you are sick or just want to bolster your health and wellbeing. Go on, head over to your nearest park or the backyard now. You’ll be glad you did!

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Dr Kate Wood
Born and raised in rural Northern NSW, Kate's love for health and the body started when she won her first athletics race at age 8. During her many years of study – a Masters of Chiropractic and post grad training in acupuncture, clinic neurology and advanced injury rehabilitation, amongst other things - Kate also developed a passion for family wellness, in particular pregnancy and paediatric care. In any one day, Kate will perform adjustments, mobilisations, soft tissue techniques, dry needling, kinesiology, diet and lifestyle advice, and even meditation for her clients; and what sets her apart is her commitment to not only addressing the physical ailments of her patients but also the chemical, emotional and spiritual connections they have to the issues and ailments they are facing. Together, she and husband Nick Wood own and run Healthspace Clinics, a series of healthcare clinics across Sydney.