Eyelash extensions: a sweat-proof secret to looking ‘done’ at the gym

I can’t wear mascara. My left eye was damaged as a baby and no matter how much self-control I try to muster I always rub my eyes. Mascara, no matter what brand, gets everywhere. So instead of looking like the groomed beauty editor I should, I end up looking like I’ve been partying. Hard. For days. Eyelash extensions have changed all that. I can go to the gym or yoga class and look polished without make-up. And when I’m off to a lunch all I need is a smear of BB cream, a dusting of bronzer and I look ‘done’.

Jini Han, owner of The Lash Room in Sydney’s Double Bay, is my eyelash technician. I follow her wherever she works because her steady hands know how to do ‘natural’ like no other. It’s all about natural, full looking lashes.

Now, I understand that eyelash extensions aren’t for everyone. But if you were thinking of trying them out, whether it’s for a special occasion or as a time-saving trick to prevent you from getting panda eyes post lunchtime HIIT class, here’s everything you need to know!

  1. It takes around an hour for a full set, roughly 150 lashes on each eye.  This amount definitely varies between salons so if you don’t think they look full enough try another salon.
  2. For best results, lashes must always be eye make-up free, especially 100% mascara free as it can build up between eyelashes causing problems with application.
  3. Avoid steam and hot water for 24hours after the procedure to let the glue set properly. This includes Bikram yoga!
  4. The lashes last about five weeks but to keep them nice, tidy and thick, refills are required every two to three weeks.
  5. Try to train yourself to sleep on your back to protect the extensions. This is also a great trick to help prevent wrinkles.

Eye lash, eye lash extensions.Choosing the right lashes to suit your eye shape!

To achieve a natural look the length and shape of your lash extension should vary according to your individual eye shape. However, some general rules apply.


Large eyes work well with shorter extensions to give definition while keeping natural lash look. To achieve a more almond shape, try longer lashes on outer corners and shorter in the middle.


Round eyes can be made to look rounder if long lash extensions are applied. Try shorter lashes starting from the inner corner of the eye graduating to longer lashes on the outer corners if you desire a more elongated eye shape.


Almond eye shapes can handle both short and longer lashes but if you want to achieve a flirtier shape, try a quarter or half set to give definition only on the outer corners.


Small eyes should avoid extra long lashes as they can close the eye area. Curling lashes is a good way to ‘open’ the eye but again, opt for shorter lashes or slightly longer at the outer edge to create an almond shape.

Image credit: Thinkstock