Why fashion designers are going sporty!

We Are Handsome is the latest local label to extend its line to include fashionable active wear.

We Are handsome

With the health and fitness market growing faster than ever before, it’s clear that more and more of us are embracing this beneficial way of living. Not just because everyone is doing it, but because it is simply a more positive, beneficial lifestyle.

First we saw health and fitness identities adopting Sporte luxe styles into their wardrobes but now mainstream and high-end Australian fashion labels have caught on to luxury active wear.

We are handsome active 2We Are Handsome is the latest local label to extend its line to include fashionable active wear.  And why wouldn’t you merge fashion and fitness if all this seems to be happening? It makes perfect sense considering we are trying to incorporate activity into our daily lives without sacrificing style.

Meet husband and wife duo Jeremy and Katinka Somers of We Are Handsome, who are among a handful of Australian designers who have seen the shift towards living well and have created a line of active wear. The pair, whose label started out as exclusively swimwear, has launched a stunning collection of vivid printed activewear with breathable fabrics and all the necessary elements you need for maximum performance.

When was WAH born? In the summer of 2009.  

We Are HandsomeWhy have you decided to add active wear to your collection? What was the inspiration behind this? It was a very organic growth into this category – and came just after we worked out and wondered to ourselves why we didn’t make beautiful active wear pieces with our signature prints. When we decided to embark on making active wear we spent a lot of time in research and development ensuring our line was of the highest quality and best fit on the market. It took us almost a year from ideation through to launch! 
How has social media influenced your brand awareness? It’s definitely helped to increase our brand awareness but more-so it is a platform to captivate an engaged audience following our never-ending summer lifestyle. 
What was the reason for using (fitness) talent in your show such as Kate Kendall, Lindy Klim and ex Australian Pole Vaulter Amanda Bisk? What better and more authentic way than to showcase our active wear line but to present it on women who live and breathe this lifestyle! 
We are handsome active3How do you see the health and fitness market merging with the fashion market? Do you think this is (a) trend? We’re embracing the cohesiveness of this shift and don’t see it as a trend that will fade away anytime soon. Society on a whole is seeking to live more healthy and active lifestyles and we’re proud to be a part of it all.  
What key active wear trends do you foresee this 2015? More colour and less boring pieces!  
Have you used key materials for performance enhancement? And what are they? Our active wear utilises a series of new, breathable innovative fabrics that move with you. Form fitting with excellent shape retention our Subli-cool fabric wicks away moisture and is quick drying, cool and comfortable to wear.  
What’s your favourite piece from this collection? It’s too hard to choose! We love it all!
What can we expect to see from WAH next year? Expansion of our active wear line with the inclusion of more apparel style pieces and also more active wear swim styles.