Fermented foods are the latest health trend everyone is talking about

Fermented foods, including kombucha and cultured veggies have been a hot topic among health fanatics of late, and for good reason. They do wonders for your gut bacteria and pack a mean punch in the health stakes. We spoke to Steve Erntner of Cultured Veg, which makes amazing organic fermented offerings (our fave is the elderflower and chai kombucha) to get the lowdown on these nutrient-rich foods!

SaurkrautThe concept of fermenting foods has been around for thousands of years. Fermented foods are well established in a variety of cultures as a preserving mechanism and a health booster. Think Korean kimchi and European sauerkraut. However, these nutritional powerhouses are having a major moment in the health world right now and are appearing on the menus of trendy organic cafes and wholefood restaurants everywhere.

So what’s all the fuss around fermented foods about? It all comes down to the high levels of natural probiotics they contain. “Our gut plays host to over 100 trillion microorganisms, each with a role,” says Steve. “Eating fermented food feeds the beneficial bacteria throughout the entire small and large intestine, and in some cases lays down new colonies.” All this good bacteria makes fermented products a powerful gut-healer and detoxifier! Eating fermented foods can also be a great way to help beat bloating.

In addition, fermented foods offer a hit of nutrients and vitamins that few other foods can match. “One of the most notable benefits of fermented foods is that they make the nutrients far more bioavailable to us,” says Steve. “The vitamin content is also impressive, boasting vitamin K, A, C and many of the needed B vitamins.” Side of sauerkraut anyone?

Image credit: Thinkstock