Why flawsome is my new wellness mantra!

Sarah Ranawake
Photography by Rod Gotfried on location at La Plantation d’Albion Club Med. Sarah wears Seafolly kaftan and bikini.

Last week I was lucky enough to travel the crazy beautiful island of Mauritius with Club Med.  I’ll be writing all about the stunning La Plantation d’Albion soon for our travel section but for now suffice it to say the resort, and Mauritius as a whole, was utterly amazing. We’re talking all the travel clichés: white beaches, clear bright blue water, lush green tropical backdrops, a fascinating local culture and totally luxe surrounds at the resort. And being Club Med there were lots of awesome outdoor activities to try. And lots of food! Which brings me to my story.

I was lounging around the resort late one afternoon, taking a little break after a full day of exploring to read the book I’d brought with me Thrive by Arianna Huffington, when I noticed the scent of freshly cooked crepes wafting through the air. It smelt bloody amazing let me tell you! I followed my nose and found, probably given the French influence on Mauritius, that the chefs make crepes by the pool as an afternoon snack each day. My mouth watered for about five minutes before I finally decided to give in and get some. Then I trotted off to savour every mouthful while watching the sunset. This might all sound quite trivial but for someone who strictly doesn’t ever “do” refined wheat or sugar, it felt like a bit of a big deal.

When I thought about it later I realised how silly I had been. Here, I was on a stunning African island letting a few little crepes creep into my headspace (and I’ll admit give me food guilt). Considering I was mainly eating lovely fresh omelettes loaded with veggies, grilled seafood, salads and tropical fruit, plus going for long walks, swimming in the ocean, SUPing, snorkelling and meditating, it was hardly going to make a difference. It was more about really letting go of control my attachment to dietary dogma and a reflection of the health-esteem trend I’ve written about previously.

I’ve since decided that my new mantra when it comes to my wellness will be ‘flawsome’. I love this catchy term which is being bandied around a bit now and basically means being awesome yet flawed. Not just accepting said “flaws” but being authentic and embracing them. Because the truth is none of us, even those of us who are quite immersed in the world of health, are perfect when it comes to our wellbeing. I most certainly am not. Whether it’s struggling to achieve balance and staying up all night working or letting our meditating practice slide when we’re busy we’re all on a journey and trying to do our best.

So, especially as we approach the festive season, let’s all embrace being flawsome. That doesn’t mean going crazy and ditching all the good things you usually do for your physical health on a daily basis. But rather cutting yourself some slack when you choose to indulge in something less than virtuous for the sake of your happiness and mental health. Because the truth is stressing about food choices is way worse for you than whatever you ate in the first place.

I hope you all have a flawsome rest of the week (and weekend),

Sares x