Why headstands are the ultimate yoga pose

Photography by Chris Lew from lewmedia.com.au. Pictured: Health and fitness experts Kate Kendall and Bianca Cheah

Often referred to as the king of all yoga poses, headstand is a fantastic pose to practice daily for a number of reasons. The headstand pushes nutrients and oxygen to your face, hair and scalp. It also regulates your thyroid, pineal and adrenal glands, improves circulation and, most importantly, puts a smile on your face. A faster metabolism, higher energy levels with a glowing complexion! Who wouldn’t want that? Here’s my guide to this incredible pose. Or watch the video for a more detailed view.

  1. Kneeling forward, clasp your fingers together behind your head.
  2. Focus on something in front of you so you can balance easier.
  3. Inhale and lift your feet off the floor by using your core strength.
  4. Gradually and slowly with balance raise your legs to the sky.
  5. Press your shoulder blades against your back, and then draw them toward your tailbone.
  6. As a beginner, try to hold this pose for 10 seconds. Then, as you increase your strength, add five to 10 seconds onto your headstand until you can comfortably hold the pose for three minutes.
  7. Exhale and come down slowly using your core strength and land with both feet on the ground at the same time, without relaxing your shoulder blades.

TIP: Balance and core strength are key in this pose. If you are finding it hard to raise your feet off the ground, its best to work on strengthening your core first before you take on this exercise.