Why it’s all about Elyse Knowles right now!

Elyse Knowles, Health influencers, Australian model
Photography by Ed Purnomo, Erin Maxwell and Daniel Luxford | All other images via Instagram @elyseknowlzy 

You might not know the name Elyse Knowles yet but we’re predicting you soon will. The stunning Aussie model and social media sensation was recently an ambassador for the Formula One Rolex Australia Grand Prix. We caught up with Elyse and chatted to her about beauty, fitness, smoothies and her love of Nike shorts and shoes.

Elyse Knowles, Health influencers, Australian model, formula 1 modelYou’ve just been the face of the Grand Prix. What exciting things are coming up next? 
Yes, what an amazing experience that was! The role suited me to a T as I’m a bit of a tom boy deep down. Who knows what’s next? I just dream big and keep pushing myself to be better and better. But most importantly to be happy!

Elyse Knowles, Health influencers, Australian modelHow would you describe your style?
 Chilled! In the mornings it’s active wear. During the week I love dressing up but when I get home I put on my baggy clothes. I don’t care what I look like. On weekends the tom boy style comes out!

What are some of your fave active wear essentials? 
A pair of shorts, a singlet and crop top. Nike have the best shorts going around! Tully Lou crop tops and runners by Nike and adidas.

How do you nourish your body? 
I do a range of things to ensure my body is healthy and nourished. I start my day with a hour of personal training followed by a smoothie full of goodness! I always have healthy snacks and have dinner half prepared for when I get home so I don’t turn to the fridge.

Any health secrets you swear by? Apple cider vinegar is the best to flush things out. Also, lots of water, no coffee and no fizzy drinks.

Elyse Knowles, Health influencers, Australian model, paddle boardingWhat’s your training regime like? What would a typical workout entail? 
I work with a trainer three times a week. She mixes it up between weights, body weight exercises and high intensity cardio activities to keep my heart rate high through the whole workout.  All other times, I walk my dog or chase after my dog around an oval.

Elyse Knowles, Health influencers, Australian modelYou sported a low back dress at the Formula One. What are some of your fave exercises to tone up your back? 
Get the kettle bell out! It works a treat!

Any beauty secrets you can share? How do you keep your hair and skin looking great? 
I like Arbonne facial products and take vitamins for my hair and skin.

How do you motivate yourself if you’re ever feeling flat and uninspired? 
I motivate myself by doing exercise that I LOVE! Like walking on the beach, surfing or wakeboarding. Keeping the fun in exercise is important!

Elyse Knowles, Health influencers, Australian model

What are your handbag essentials? 
Eye drops, water, my diary and healthy snacks.

What about your travel essentials? A hat, tweezers, face wipes, lip balm, healthy snacks and my phone charger.

Where do you see yourself in five years’ time? 
I’m a Aussie girl, so I would love to have a beautiful house on the beach around Sydney and be a major ambassador for Aussie labels. Also having the opportunity to travel with my work and being able to enjoy it with my boy Josh.

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