Why it’s all about low ponytails right now

Pony tails NYFW

We first noted the low ponytail trend on the runway at New York Fashion Week. Now London Fashion Week has taken the low ponytail trend to a new level, offering fresh twists on this classic sporty look. Here are some of our fave low ponytail looks straight from the runway to inspire you to mix up your workout hair styles.

Pony tail tussled and textured

Tousled and textured at Barbara Casasola

Models at the Barbara Casasola show rocked a tousled and textured style. Obviously this edgy low ponytail was achieved with the skill of talented stylists and the addition of copious products. However, we also think you could cheat a similar look quite easily with finger brushed bed hair. Perfect for days when you need to wake up and be out the door for your morning workout in five minutes flat! The addition of an extra elastic mid-length adds interest but will also keep your pony in place during sweat sessions.

Image credit: Isadore Montag from fashion.telegraph.co.uk

 Pony tail bora asku

All wrapped up at Bora Aksu

We’re a little obsessed with Bora Aksu’s take on the classic side ponytail. Want to try it for yourself at your next yoga classs? Thread ribbon through or around the top of the pony to hide the elastic and then wrap it down the length of the length of your hair. Secure it with another hidden elastic at the bottom making sure you leave the ends loose.

Image credit: Isadore Montag from fashion.telegraph.co.uk

 Pony tail delpozo

Ultra-low and luxe at Delpozo

Delpozo presented a chic and sleek twist on the low ponytail. Hair was parted straight down the middle and then pulled back into a loose, ultra-low ponytail for a clean and modern look. Perfect for days when you don’t want to ruin your fresh blow dry by rocking a high pony to your Pilates class but still want your hair out of your face.

Image credit: Thomas Iannaccone from wwd.com
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