Why it’s all about warm smoothies right now!

Winter is here and if you’re finding it a little hard to jump out of bed, down a green smoothie and get moving in the mornings we can relate! Ever think it would be way more appealing to just cosy up with a warm cup of tea instead? Well, you’re in luck because we have the perfect compromise. Warm smoothies! Packed full of nutrition and delicious immune-boosting sips, are a great warming breakfast option when you’re on the go. They’re also seriously comforting and perfect for combating winter blues. And just to clarify in case you were wondering we’re talking about smoothies that are supposed to be served warm. Not the kind that loses its chill after being left on the kitchen counter for too long!

Why go warm?

When it’s cold outside we naturally want to rug up and stay warm and cosy inside. During winter our body also needs to be nurtured by shifting our diet to include more warm meals. Too much cold food in winter can wreak havoc on your digestive system. On the other hand warm meals and drinks can play an important role in improving our health and strengthening our immune systems. Put simply, your body needs to be warmed from the inside out to maintain optimal health throughout winter!

So here are some ideas for warming up your smoothie in winter!

Go for grain

Putting a couple of tablespoons of warmed oats into your smoothie could be the best thing you do all winter. It will bulk up your drink making you stay warmer and fuller for longer. Plus, it will give you a good hit of fibre, phytochemicals and nutrients.

Get spicy

This is a great option if you are keen on sticking with cold smoothies but want to inject some warming elements to heat you up from the inside outwards. Spices such as cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, and tumeric will keep your digestion on track and house some incredible immune-boosting benefits.

Feeling nutty

Good fats can help keep the body warm. So by adding some nuts to your smoothie you’ll also be reaping the rewards of added protein. Our go-to nuts for winter smoothies are almonds, pistachios cashews and walnuts.

Physically heat your smoothie

Try gently heating up your fave smoothie in a saucepan and drink while warm. You might like to adjust your smoothie recipe to make milk the base. Try either nut, coconut, rice or full fat organic cow’s milk for a creamy and cosy winter option.

Swap summer produce for winter root veggies

Winter welcomes more root vegetables including carrot and beetroot, which help the body stay warm while offering loads of phytonutrients and antioxidants.

Need more warm smoothie inspo? Here are our top five flavour combos!

1) Apple and cinnamon

2) Warmed almond milk and cacao

3) Banana and ginger

4) Warmed oats and berries

5) Beetroot and turmeric

Image credit: Thinkstock