Why Liquefy Juice Co is taking over the Brisbane health scene!

Liquefy juice shop brisbane

What better way to celebrate the festive season than with a new healthy hotspot? Or should we say six of them? Within a very short space of time, Liquefy Juice Co has set Brisbane’s health scene buzzing. With a community style dining atmosphere and their own blend of organic cold-pressed raw juices, smoothies and raw food this place is a mecca for all things healthy. Plus, they have a world first 24-hour store. Yep, you read that right! So Brisbane healthy foodies can get a Liquefy fix whenever their heart desires!

With their sixth store in Cleveland opening today we chatted with the founder David Dowd to get the lowdown on all things Liquefy.

What’s the philosophy behind Liquefy?

Everything we do is designed to enhance our customer’s overall wellbeing and lifestyle by providing healthy yet indulgent food and drink options.

What can customers expect from the food at Liquefy?

In one sense it is what we leave out that makes our products unique and so healthy.  We have no sugar, dairy, egg or animal based product of any kind in our kitchen. So everything we produce is vegan, sugar-free, dairy-free and preservative-free. Our raw menu is packed with the full range of essential nutrients and live enzymes. These assist with weight loss, immunity boosting, cellular repair, the cleansing of toxins and even slowing the ageing process. It also happens to taste amazing!


What are some of your signature dishes and drinks?

Our most popular smoothie is Chocolate Buttercup. This is made with our own house made almond mylk, banana, medjool dates, house made almond butter, hemp protein powder, cacao, house made peanut butter and vanilla. This smoothie is what we believe to be the healthiest chocolate fix on the planet! Our most popular juice is Daily Detox, which contains green apple, pineapple, lemon, chlorophyll and mint. It is a detoxing, energising green juice with the cleansing power of chlorophyll. The most popular food item is our raw Salted Caramel Slice. Enough said!

Can you tell us a bit more about your store openings and future plans? Do you plan to expand interstate?

We opened our first 24hr outlet at Mt Gravatt in Queensland in October 2014. We are now opening a new store in Queensland every 10 days until the end of January 2015. Liquefy will then be opening its first 24-hour and normal outlets in New South Wales and Victoria next year.

Why are you choosing to open 24-hour outlets? Do you think there is a demand for all-night health spots?

We believe there should be a healthy food and drink offering for everyone, including those who work and play at night. We have a variety of customers coming in after midnight such as doctors, nurses, road workers, musicians, taxi drivers, early morning exercisers and the like. All of whom very much appreciate our commitment to providing a healthy food and drink alternatives after conventional cafe hours. We have been told there is nothing else like it in the world, which is very exciting for us!


Liquefy Juice Co
W: www.liquefyjuiceco.com.au
I: @liquefyjuiceco


Mount Gravatt
A: 24-Hour Outlet
22-24 Carrara Street
H: 6am – Midnight (during renovation period)
Brisbane City
A: 110 Eagle Street
H: 6am – 4pm
A: 35 Latrobe Terrace
H: 7am – 5pm
New Farm
A: 49 James Street
H: 7am – 5pm
A: 811 Stanley Street
H: 7am – 5pm
A: 42 Shore Street West
H: Opens today


A: 22 Wyandra Street
Burleigh Heads
A: 27 Park Avenue