Why Luke Hines believes fat IS your friend

By guest blogger Luke Hines
I believe FAT needs a really good PR agent to make sure word gets out that it’s now your friend.

It is such a shame that the word fat has become ‘sin-ominous’ with a negative body image of how one looks, when in fact fat is actually just another macronutrient up there with protein and carbs.

Fat has sadly been demonised in such a way that we have negative associations with it. Even believing that if we eat fat, we will get fat. Well that couldn’t be further from the truth!

So, why should fat be our friend?

What I love is that people are starting to cotton on to this notion that fats aren’t as bad as we thought, and even saturated fats now fall into the ‘good fat’ category. To be honest, this reversal and re-invention so to speak of fat is music to my ears. I want to take a closer look at the many health benefits of fat, to help you understand why its so good for us plus I’ve shared with you one of my favourite recipes from my The Paleo Way 10 Week Activation Program, packed full of fat to get you on the road to looking and feeling your best in no time at all. Click here to get the recipe for my paleo banana bread.

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The key is to cutting out processed foods such as bread, pasta, baked goods and sweets. These are laden with processed ingredients that fall into the high carbohydrate category. When we remove these from our diet, we need to look at where we get energy from when we begin to reduce our sugar and carbohydrate intake from these types of foods, and its from fat. Our body is well designed to run primarily on fat as a source of energy. in fact when you take out all those processed and sugary foods, fat is exactly where you need to be getting your energy from. In its simplest form, when we adopt to burning fat as energy, our body produces ketones, which are perfectly health to run on.

Picture processed carbs and sugar as kindling that you throw on the fire. It supplies you with a quick hit of energy that burns very quickly, and has you reaching for more very quickly. Now picture fat as that big fat log on the fire! It burns for hours and hours, and in energy terms, you don’t need to reach for any quick hits or poor food choices because you are feeling well satiated.

You see, when food companies take the fat out of a food source, they replace it with sugar in order for it to taste good, so what we’ve been left with in turn is increased waist lines even though we thought we were doing the right thing. The next time you’re at the super market take a look at some low fat yogurt and you’ll see a prime example when you will have a full days worth of sugar intake packed into one small tub. With so many products on the market claiming to be cutting out fat, we need to be readjusting our thinking and embrace it, because when you cut the junk and swap excess carbs for fat, you will be leaner, stronger, faster and fitter than you’ve ever been before. And it isn’t just energy we gain from consuming good quality fats.

  • Fats aid in our digestion of fat soluble vitamins such as A, D, E and K.
  • Fat, the log on the open fire, takes longer for our body to break down so we feel fuller for longer with more sustained levels of energy, as opposed to a quick sugary hit which is like kindling on a fire!
  • The body utilises fat for everything form activating hormones to building immune function making sure you fend off those colds and flue at this time of year.

Luke Hines, healthy fats
Lets take a closer look at one of my favourite types of fat when going following the paleo lifestyle, coconut oil. You will have seen it popping up everywhere. Not only is a great for your skin, but its the perfect ingredient to use in your baking, roasting, frying and more. Coconut oil is 92 per cent saturated fat that makes it stable at high temperatures, so cooking with it is a no brainer.

Coconut oil is made up mostly of Lauric acid. This medium chain fatty acid, one of the easiest to digest, increases your metabolism, has natural antimicrobial and anti fungal properties make it great to your insides too.

If there’s anything I leave you thinking about today, it is that eliminating processed foods and excess sugar in your diet, and replacing them with good quality fats like those form coconut oil and animal fats can make you feel healthier than ever before, produce a leaner, stronger frame, and a more focused and energised mind.

Make sure you try this phenomenal banana bread from my The Paleo Way 10 Week Activation Program. You won’t be disappointed!

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