Why matcha tea is having a major moment right now!

Matcha tea

Trend alert! Here at Sporteluxe we like to keep you in the loop about the latest health trends and we have a new one for you! Matcha Tea is a specialty green tea reputed to have amazing health benefits. Japanese monks have been drinking it for ages and we’re starting to understand why.

Carefully produced by master tea crafters of Japan. It’s all the rage in New York and the tea leaves are telling us this trend is set to boil over here in Australia. Indeed, a few great local healthy hotpots, such as Orchard Street Café and Elixir Bar in Bondi have already gotten on board the matcha tea bandwagon.

What’s the deal with matcha?

Matcha Tea is grown in the shade, handpicked and dried before being ground to a fine powder. When mixed with water it works like a coffee substitute, providing energy that promotes prolonged concentration. One cup of matcha contains around a quarter of the amount of caffeine in a regular cup of coffee. So it will give you the energy you need without that coffee buzz! On top of this, it claims to boost your metabolism and help with weight loss, supports your immune function and has super high levels of antioxidants – what more could you want?!

Where can you buy it?

Kenko Tea is an online tea shop based in Melbourne, founded by a former coffee addict who was looking for a healthy alternative that didn’t end up in that coffee crash we know all too well. They offer both sipping and cooking grades of Matcha tea, which has been sourced from the Southern Japanese region of Nishio, as well as special tea sets and same day shipping.

Zen Green Tea caters for everyone from matcha newbies to matcha masters with one month, two month, three month and six month supplies. Zen Green Tea has free shipping on all orders and a blog with recipes for Matcha smoothies and lessons on how to brew the perfect cup of tea.

Matcha Zone impressed us with their traditional matcha whisk ($28) and matcha scoop ($8). Both made from bamboo, they’re perfect for whipping up an authentic cup of premium matcha at home.

Tealux but a twist on matcha offering variations such as organic ginger matcha. They also sell a wide selection of organic matcha varieties ranging from everyday to luxe ceremony-grade tea.