Why our new regular expert Jen Dugard is the ultimate ‘fit mum’ mentor

Jen Dugard, fit mum
We’re so excited to welcome master personal trainer Jen Dugard to our Sporteluxe regular expert contributor family!

The diversely qualified fitness coach, writer/author and fit mum of two, specialises in helping mothers (both new and not-so-new) find their body confidence and balance again after pregnancy, and runs the largest ‘specific to mums’ group exercise class network in Sydney, Australia.

Via this multi award-winning business, along with her book “How To Love Your Body As Much As Your Baby” and postnatal exercise DVD “Rebuild From The Inside Out”, along with multiple presentations and workshops, fitness magazine cover model Jen is leading the way in training mums and provides profound insights that are changing the ways that hundreds of women view their lives as mums. (Her key message is that taking time to look after your own body and health makes you a better mum and role model to your family).

What many don’t know about Jen is that she’s also an international elite obstacle racer. (Just think Spartan Race or Tough Mudder but on a world-class competitive athlete level!)

Here are just a few ‘get to know Jen’ fit mum health wisdoms from her own life…

1. How do you start a typical day?

jen dugard“My typical day starts with a 4.15am alarm! I have my breakfast pre-prepared and eat it in the car as I head to the gym and train my early morning mums. Around 8am I finish at the studio and either head straight to train myself or eat second breakfast and get some work done on my computer before a lunch time or afternoon session. I love training my early clients but one of my goals for 2016 is to make more morning time for me!”

2. What would surprise readers most about you?

“May be that I’m an elite obstacle racer as well as mums trainer. For a while I often wondered how the two collided given pregnancy and running obstacles seemed so far apart. Now I see it  as an example of how far you can improve and build upon your fitness as well as being a mum.”

3. What bit or brand of fitness gear can’t you live without?

“I love my Icebug shoes which are just the best for obstacle racing and my Body Science sports bras of which I have many designs and wear on a daily basis both for work and training.”

JEN DUGARD4. If you could go stand-up paddle boarding with anyone in the world, who would it be and why?

“I’d love to get out on the water with Richard Branson! Assuming I’d stay on my feet, combining fitness with business talk would be my ideal.”5. Best bits of fitness wisdom you’ve ever been told/taught

“Listen to your body. I’ve personally learnt this the hard way pushing through aches and pains leading to injury. Sometimes those of us that train the hardest are the biggest culprits of pushing that little bit too far. I think we all need a reminder that rest and recovery is as important as the work. My training is a lot smarter these days and I most definitely know my body better. Losing all ego and knowing where you are at is key.”

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