Why supporting this charity is important for all women

Can you imagine what it would be like to forget your mother’s name, or worse yet, not recognise her?

This is the harsh reality for the 342,800 Australians currently living with dementia and this month, charity organisation Alzheimer’s Australia is calling on all men and women to recognise the disease by showing their support for Dementia Awareness Month. (Coincidentally, Alzheimer’s Australia is one of the five fantastic charities supported by the fantastic Priceline Sisterhood Foundation, for which Sporteluxe has pledged its support this month.)

Did you know dementia is the second leading cause of death in Australia?

Every six minutes a person is diagnosed with the disease and at present there is no cure. It is often perceived as an inevitable life process for the elderly however there are 25,100 young Australians who have Younger Onset Dementia. As you and I worry we won’t remember to pick up bread after work, those suffering fear they will forget what the word ‘bread’ means.

This year, Dementia Awareness Month is asking Australians to help create a dementia-friendly nation by gaining a better understanding of what it’s like for people living with this debilitating disease. Alzheimer’s Australia aims to reduce the stigma and social isolation associated with the disease and they have our full support!

Priceline, Priceline sisterhood

This is an amazing cause but sometimes it feels as if there are so many wonderful, worthy causes and it can be difficult to decide which to give your support to.

Here at Sporteluxe we like to think of our team and our readers as a bit of a sisterhood – “who run the world!” – so we are big fans of the Priceline Sisterhood Foundation which supports five different charities, including Alzheimer’s Australia.

By supporting the Priceline Sisterhood Foundation campaign you help give a voice to a number of noble charities that promote women’s health. These include:

“The Priceline Sisterhood Foundation is so unique and amazing in that it supports five different charities that focus on causes important to women,” says Priceline Sister, Ada Nicodemou. “I don’t think there’s anything better than us ladies helping out one another, we need to stick together!”

Model Samantha Harris, also one of the Priceline Sisters, agrees. “What I love about this campaign is that you can treat yourself while helping others just by buying one of the featured products in-store, it makes it not only easy but also fun.”

So share your support this month by checking out the Dementia Awareness events, donating online or better yet, spread your helping hand by being part of the Priceline Sisterhood campaign. You can get involved by:

  • Purchasing a featured product in-store or online with a portion of the sale being donated to the Priceline Sisterhood Foundation (ends 6 Oct)
  • Donating $5 by texting the word SISTERHOOD to 0497 222 444 during the two-week campaign (ends 6 Oct)
  • Donating online at priceline.com.au/sisterhood
  • Sharing a heart on Instagram with #share4sisterhood and for every heart shared, Priceline Pharmacy will donate to the Sisterhood Foundation (ends October 6)


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