Why surfer girls are the ultimate fitspo!

Alanar Blanchard

Australian surfer girl Sally Fitzgibbons won the ASP Billabong Rio Pro last week. Sally is known for her clean lifestyle, gorgeous smile and athletic and toned body.

Sally is not alone, her fellow pro surfers have some of the most amazing fit and healthy bodies of any athletes on the planet.

Why is this so? Let’s break down why they are able perform at the highest level on the world stage and look great while doing it.

They train hard

These days surfers spend almost as much time in the gym developing muscular endurance, leg strength, power, mobility and core stability as they do in the ocean. This is done though surf specific fitness, strength, gymnastic and yoga-style training. Giving them a lean, long toned appearance.

Their lifestyles and clean and healthy

These girls are physically active everyday and eat clean to maximise performance and recovery.

The surfing itself is a great workout

Intermittent paddling for hours in slight hyperextension, develops posture and tones the butt, lower back, upper back, arms and shoulders. Driving through the legs and rotating the upper body for turns and other manoeuvres, tones abs thighs and glutes.

So maybe it’s time you took some surfing lessons and hit the gym and yoga studio with the goal of becoming a clean living surfer girl? Learning to surf is great fun and an accomplishment in itself but the awesome bonus from this healthy pastime can be a seriously toned bod!

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Image Credit: Instagram @alanarblanchard

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