Why this iconic real estate created a healthy workspace

Bresic Whitney Darlinghurst

They say that the majority of our lives are spent working, or in a work filled environment.

Just take a moment, look around you and think: are you happy in the environment you’re in? Is there a way that you can create a healthier workspace? Is their ample light? What about fresh air? Inspiration?

Are there areas were you can have a moment of mindfulness and stop to think for a few minutes? Creating a healthy workspace may just be the answer to a higher productivity rate. Just think better communication, work life balance, happiness and staff relations will all be at their peaks if your workspace helps to amplify your health.

We spoke to iconic Sydney real estate agency BresicWhitney on how they’ve introduced a healthy work space into their offices. Maybe you can take a little green leaf out of BresicWhitney’s working office philosophy so you can bring little more productivity into your business life.

A healthy workspace encourages a better working environment!

Q: In what ways have you designed a healthy and productive workspace and what did you want it to achieve?

“Our staff enjoy coming into work everyday. We’d like to think that’s in part because our offices have lots of great break out spaces and communal areas, where staff can meet and chat together informally. Our offices are also all architecturally designed. They have high ceilings, a great art collection and a sense of flow about them. It helps create a collaborative work space where everyone is accessible to each other.”

Q: Who was the designer?

Chenchow Little in Surry Hills designed our offices in Darlinghurst, Hunters Hill and now the latest in Balmain. They have taken a slightly different approach to each location. Some are more poetic and others more urban – but they have all been designed to be creative and inspiring. Tobias Partners designed our Glebe office space.”

Q: What are BresicWhitney’s key design elements and what do they resemble?

“Art is a consistent element across all locations. There is sculpture, video art, photography and paintings from local and international artists to create a refreshing space for staff and clients. In our Darlinghurst office, there are green walls between all desks to improve air quality and add vibrancy to the space. Large windows introduce natural light and connects the space to the passing day, from morning to sunset. It’s a human environment, clutter-free with all storage hidden. It is minimal and efficient. It is safe and luxurious.”

Q: Would you agree that the style of the workspace had a positive effect on your staff productivity?

“Absolutely! The great workspace at BresicWhitney supports us in so many ways. It helps us to attract great talent for a start, and enables more open communication between teams.

“Most people spend 50 per cent of their lives within indoor environments, which really influences their mental status, actions, abilities and performance. We want everyone at their optimum and the office spaces have been designed to help bring out the best in our people.”

Q: What is your one tip to our reader wanting to create a productive and healthy workspace in their office or at home?

“Good design will also go along way. Plants, art and communal kitchens are key. Make it human.

“When you set up an environment, consider the furniture, the flow of noise, flexibility in layout and seating, the comfort of chairs, the ease of communication, plus things like lighting, temperature and the air quality. If you can get a great coffee machine and healthy snacks, that’s a nice way to look after people. People always instinctively chat when they come into a kitchen. It creates community and a collegial feel.”

Want to see more? Then head to BresicWhitney’s Blog or their Instagram @BresicWhitney


Bresic Whitney, healthy office space Bresic Whitney, healthy office space Bresic Whitney, healthy office space Bresic Whitney, healthy office space