Why this new Vicious Body workout wear is totally unique

Vicious body, activewear
There’s no shortage of fantastic fitness fashion ranges available these days (yep, thanks Sports Luxe runway trend!) but few have been born of an already cult-like exercise class or studio.
A brand new Australian-designed brand called Vicious Body, launching on July 27 (tomorrow) on Stylerunner, has done exactly that. Created by Tanya Weeks, who owns popular standalone indoor cycling studio Vicious Cycle in Bondi, Sydney, and seasoned class regular (and manufacturing expert) Joanne Goldman, it is sporty, durable and edgy-but-elegant.
Although the designers admit the range was designed with indoor cyclists in mind, just one look at the clothes suggests exercise enthusiasts could wear them any time movement, stretching or sweating is on the cards. After all, we’re all about functional workout wear with a fashion twist here at Sporteluxe!
Vicious body, activewear

We spoke to Tanya Weeks, founder of Vicious Cycle and cofounder of the new Vicious Body label:

1. What kind of woman did you have in mind as a customer when you created this range?

Tanya: “We developed the range with the indoor cyclist in mind but the Vicious Body girl doesn’t just ride the bike; she pushes her body beyond her limits. We wanted to provide activewear that could go the distance with her. The Vicious Body girl performs, she moves and she sweats so we wanted to give her functionality but she also wants to look sexy so we gave her great fits and performance fabrics to feel good too.”

2. How is it different to other workout wear currently available on Stylerunner?

Tanya: “Our fabric combinations and garment construction is what sets us apart from other labels. We have developed a basic range where the only basic feature is the colour. We’ve added detailing and trims to give the range a fashion forward and edgy feel and added unique features like seamfree semi padded gussets in the crop pant and short to provide extra comfort for all cyclists indoor and out and mesh paneling so when the vicious body girl is pushing her limits, her body is supported and breathes with her.”

Was your experience/success at Vicious Cycle the inspiration for this new range?

Tanya: “Absolutely! Before opening Vicious Cycle, I was a buyer in the fashion industry, so the vision for the brand was always to develop an activewear label. My partner Jo was a rider in the studio, which is how we met. I learned of Jo’s very successful 25-year experience in manufacturing industry on a VC retreat in Bali. I already knew she had a passion for fitness and love of the studio so there was no doubt she was the right person to share the Vicious Body journey with. Vicious Body Black is just the start; we plan to introduce a fashion and swim collection over time. A men’s range could also be on the horizon.”

4. How long have you been working on this collection?

Tanya: “Jo’s extensive experience has seen her develop some incredible relationships in manufacturing. We used one of the factories she has been working with for many years to develop the range. We designed the first collection over 12 months ago. Its taken this long to get all the detailing, branding and fits for each style perfected and ready to launch but we couldn’t be more proud of it and so excited to get every girl into their own Vicious Body!”

Vicious Body is currently sold exclusively on Stylerunner.
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