Why this popular actress is ditching alcohol for a month

By guest blogger Brooke Nicole Lee

NEWS FLASH! Australia-born actor and writer Brooke is high-profile supporter of Ocsober, a national awareness and fundraising campaign for Life Education, the charity synonymous with ‘Healthy Harold’ and its preventative health programs taught across 3,300 Australian schools annually. This year’s goal is to raise $700,000 to empower 700,000 Aussie kids. Throughout October, participants are sponsored to ‘go sober’ and give up alcohol completely for the month.

“I was inspired to be an Ocsober ambassador because of my history with Life Education. Having gone to St Hilda’s School on the Gold Coast, I know the team and Healthy Harold well. As a primary school student, I was taught all of the important information that I have taken with me through my adult years. But once I looked into Ocsober closer, I was shocked by the statistics about underage drinking. I didn’t realise just how much of a problem it really is! This really inspired me to get on board and help make a difference.

The reason I’m involved

Brooke lee“It’s also a great opportunity to cleanse your body and mind and start over fresh. I want to help teach others and inspire them to give this challenge a go and to see how much stronger they can be after. I also want to help motivate adults to teach the youth around them about the side effects of alcohol abuse. Children look up to their parents and aspire to be like them – so parents need to make a good example for their children. Health is just a bonus, but a pretty big bonus if you ask me.

The physical benefits

“Taking a month off of drinking gives you the chance to take a step back and evaluate why it is you drink. It lets everything slow down long enough for you to feel the benefits of just a month. It also allows your liver to cleanse and start anew. When the month is finished, no doubt you will notice that your alcohol consumption will have dropped – it’s like a fresh start. It’s also great for weight-loss, hormones and brain function… There is literally no disadvantages of giving this a go.

The toughest part

“The only challenge I may come across during this journey is when I am out with friends. I’m going to go for something fruity like a fresh squeezed juice or a mocktail. Maybe as a treat – a hot chocolate 😉 But just on a general every day basis I am actually taking it on myself to try and drink more water! I never seem to get enough water in a day…

The mental motivation

“As I mentioned before there is no disadvantages of giving this a go, Ocsober isn’t hard. This is the way you should be living your life. Don’t think of it like a diet or the fact that you can’t have something. Think of it as the start to a new healthier lifestyle. Focus on the positives. Waking up feeling great, saving money, and more time to spend with your loved ones.”

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