Why this yoga pose stimulates heart and body

Jordan Thackray, Sporteluxe man, Sydney male Yoga Teacher

Today I will be talking you through the benefits of a yoga pose called the ‘King Pigeon in Forward Split’ and why it’s so good for you.

It’s definitely an asana that requires a strong understanding of your body, so I strongly advise you don’t dive (no pun intended) straight into this pose on your mat until you’re really warmed up.

Benefit: mental stimulation

So assuming you’re all warmed up, let’s talk about what this pose does for you mentally. For one, it’s a heart-opening pose which allows you to feel centred and thus be capable of giving and receiving love unconditionally. The King Pigeon pose motivates you to give grace, radiance, peace, self acceptance and allows you to trust and forgive. I love this yoga pose because it’s such a beautiful asana for the heart chakra.

Benefit: physical stimulation

Secondly, the benefits of the King Pigeon pose to your body is that it helps with all-round flexibility. With regular practice and guidance from your yoga teacher, it’s worth working towards this pose because it helps you open up to the full natural, vital and playful strength of your body. You’ll feel more space in your lungs, which will allow you to utilise this precious and spectacular organ to its full awesome potential.

If you understand your chakras, then you’ll know that creating more openness in your lungs means that more Prana/life force (oxygen) will flow to your body, which then allows your body to heal on all levels – spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically.

So whilst you all know that yoga is about the asana (pose), the practice of yoga actually goes a lot deeper than just the move you’re in. The poses are just one-eighth of the whole yoga lifestyle.

So I guess you’re all wondering “how on earth do I get into a King Pigeon yoga pose?”. Well, read on…

  1. From the position of pigeon pose, inhale and gently straighten your right leg so that you are in your hero splits position.
  2. Exhale and sink your hips lower to the ground, activate your foot and shine your hips forward whilst pulling your right hip back so your hips are square.
  3. Inhale and bend your left leg so that it sits at a 45-degree angle while you arch your back. Gently reach back and grab your left toe with your left hand.
  4. Exhale and breathe into the pose, close down your eyes and tilt your head back so the arch of your foot cradles your head.
  5. Now, just breathe and feel the strength of this beautiful heart opening yoga pose.