Why Under Armour surfer Brianna Cope is our new girl crush!

Brianna Cope is one of those women you can’t help but admire. Determined and down to earth, the stunning Hawaiian surfer is currently ranked 13th in the world. She’s also one of the faces of Under Armour’s super inspiring I Will What I Want campaign. Brianna is in Sydney right now for The Hurley Australian Open of Surfing and we caught up with her to talk to fitness, food and fashion!

Are you excited to be in Sydney for The Hurley Australian Open of Surfing in Manly?

Yes, I am so excited for the Open. I love it here in Sydney! I was here last year and I did a bunch of exploring with my Mum. We did everything you can probably do in Sydney, including a boat ride around the harbour, which was really cool. I also really love Manly and North Narrabeen!

Brianna Cope

Do you have any pre-comp rituals?

I just try to stay relaxed. I’ll go for a walk on the beach and just enjoy it. Sydney is such an amazing place, and the coffee is really good too, so I just try to have fun.

Brianna Cope

Let’s talk about your involvement in Under Armour’s I Will What I Want Campaign. What does that phrase mean to you?

I’ve been with Under Armour for about a year and I remember I was so excited when I first heard about I Will What I Want. I thought it was such a great idea to empower people to believe in themselves. To me, I Will What I Want means believing and having that determination to never give up because we all face so many obstacles in life.

How important is it to be in the right frame of mind when you’re competing? To have that mental determination?

Any sport at this level is 90% mental. You need to believe in yourself. All the other women in the I Will What I Want campaign are very mentally strong as well. It’s cool to realise that all our sports are kind of the same in that way, even though they’re very different.

Brianna Cope

What are your fave pieces from the Under Armour range?

I’m from Hawaii and I think it’s similar to Australia in that everyone wears their active wear all the time. Like Australia, Hawaii is such an outdoor place and everyone tries to have a healthy lifestyle. That’s why I think Under Armour’s new line is really great. It’s great performance gear but it comes in lots of awesome colours, looks cute and you can wear it to do whatever you want.

Brianna Cope

I love the new Under Armour Speedform Gemini shoes ($179.99 available 23 February at rebel) they’re super comfortable and have really good support.

I also like the Heatgear Alpha Bra, $39.99. You can wear it for everyday life or training. My training includes a lot of high intensity cardio and I feel like this bra is really supportive. It’s also has Under Armour’s Heatgear technology which is awesome when you’re hot and sweaty.

As for bottoms I love working out in both the Heatgear Alpha Novelty Capri, $59.99 and the Heatgear Alpha Shorts, $39.99. I wear the capris on the beach for running and the shorts for my weights and high intensity training. I have lots of colours to mix and match with my shoes!

Brianna Cope

Speaking of training, what does your training involve? What do you typically do in addition to surfing?

I switch up my training. Tuesdays and Thursdays I do really high intensity cardio with my trainer in Hawaii. And Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays I do body agility stuff. Trying to balance and use my body in different ways that help me feel also comfortable in the water. I feel like that’s really important to be strong, healthy and fit and to love your body no matter what.

Do you have any fave pieces of exercise equipment?

I like the Bosu Ball. There are so many variations of exercises you can do with that one ball. I also like the power ropes as they are such a good workout that can absolutely smash you and make you feel so out of breath!

How do you start your day? What are your morning rituals?

I’m very big into meditating so in the morning I like to start my day with a couple minutes of meditation then I go and get a cup of coffee and usually do a surf or a workout. It depends on how the waves are. My mum got me into meditation and I feel like it’s been really helpful. Especially being on the road so much, it just helps me stay grounded and relaxed.

Brianna Cope

Can you talk us through a typical day on your plate?

I’m gluten free and dairy free so that’s a huge part of my diet. I feel it works the best for me because when I’m training and working out. My body just responds better. Breakfast would be some scrambled eggs and some avocado. Lunch would definitely be a salad and dinner something simple like chicken.I love to cook so chicken and veggies would be awesome. I eat a lot of fruit and veggies as that’s really important in your diet.

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