Why we’re crazy for kombucha!

You may have seen kombucha on the menu at your fave organic cafe or seen bottles of it at your local health food store. But have you wondered what it is exactly?

Kombucha tea is a traditional fermented drink that is sparkling and seriously good for you. It is also having a major moment in the natural health world right now.

Much more than just English Breakfast with some added benefits, Kombucha is a raw, fermented and naturally carbonated tea that is packed to the brim with good bacteria and probiotics. And probiotics as we all know are great for digestive health.

What is kombucha tea

This ancient Chinese beverage is made by fermenting black tea with yeast and a certain type of bacteria known as a kombucha mushroom or scoby. Over a period of time the kombucha mushroom mixes with the tea to create a powerful mixture of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. Although sugar or honey must be added to get the fermentation process going, the great news is the kombucha mushroom feeds off sugar and absorbs it. This means the resulting drink is suitable for those avoiding the sweet stuff.

What’s the hype about?

Kombucha converts rave about the health benefits of this drink which include helping your immune and digestive systems. Kombucha tea is full of a variety of delicious probiotics which are proven to help maintain a healthy intestinal flora. It also provides a range of B vitamins that contribute to the function of the nervous system and vitamin C which acts as an immune booster.

Kombucha brands that we love!

While Kombucha Tea can be made at home, it’s best left to the experts or those who have done a kombucha fermentation course. Luckily, there are some great Aussie organic kombucha brands out there including Buchi and Herbs of Life who create delicious kombucha in a wide variety of natural flavours. Think everything from hibiscus flowers to lime and ginger. Delicious varieties coupled with the fact that it’s carbonated make kombucha the perfect healthy drink for reformed soft drink devotees.

Image credit: Thinkstock