Why we’re obsessed with Lululemon’s new pant sensations

It’s safe to say the humble yoga pant has come a long way; from something that was strictly reserved for workouts to our go-to pants for every activity. Lululemon has been at the forefront of the yoga pant game for a long time but the introduction of their newest range has just sent them straight to the top. The range will let you choose your tights based on how you want to feel instead of how you want to look. Designed to give you specific sensations before, during and after workout, Lululemon’s Engineered Sensation will help you unlock your true performance potential. Which are perfect for you and your fitness fancies?

Introducing Lululemon’s Engineered Sensation

I want to feel TIGHT

If you like to feel super supported, streamlined and fast, the tight sensation is for you. Made with the brand’s tightest (and firmest) compression fabric, your body will be able to adapt to every movement leaving your muscles feeling locked, loaded and ready to take on any workout that comes your way.

I want to feel HUGGED

There’s nothing better than a big cuddle and the hugged sensation tights will do just that. Holding you in like a comfortable embrace from a friend, these classic styles have the same level of compression throughout the garmet. Safe to say the hugged sensation will keep you feeling cool, calm and certainly collected well beyond your workout.

I want to feel HELD-IN

Are you after a pair of yoga pants that offer you ultimate support? If that’s the case the held-in sensation is the one for you. The pants have been constructed with two types of compression: The Seamless Construction and the Cut-and-Sew Construction. The seamless construction will support you where you need it most (hello abs, hips, bum and thighs) while the cut-and-sew will leave your limbs free to flow through your yoga sequence.

I want to feel NAKED

If you’ve ever dreamed of a pair of tights that make you feel like you’re wearing nothing at all, your prayers have just been answered. Enter the naked sensation. Made with Lululemon’s newest fabric on the pant wall, Nulu, a fabric so soft you won’t be able to stop touching your legs. With have four-way stretch, sweat-wicking capabilities and the gentlest of compression, transitioning from your Downward Dog to Forward Fold will be easier than ever in a pair of these babies.

I want to feel RELAXED

We’re all about versatility here in the Sporteluxe office and the relaxed sensation will take you from yoga to the office sans an outfit change inbetween. Though styles don’t have the same tight fit as your typical yoga pants and sit away from your body, we implore you to embrace the loose fit. You’ll have maximum room to breathe and will breeze easily through every activity in your busy life.

Team Sporteluxe’s top picks

Mel’s pick (HUGGED)

“I love the new Beyond Boundaries pant from the hugged sensation. It’s a print party in the front and all business in the back to keep you on trend without going over the top.”

lululemon tights sensation

Shop → Beyond Boundaries Pant, from $119

Emilie’s pick (HUGGED)

“I’m always up for a good hug and the All-Sport Crop have been designed for that exact purpose. Made for running and the gym, they cover all bases making them the perfect all-rounder for my ever-growing sports-drobe.”

lululemon tights sensation

Shop → All-Sport Crop, from $109

Rachel’s pick (RELAXED)

“If there’s a pair of yoga pants out there that can take me from the studio to the street in one swift motion, I want to know about it. They’re perfect for long haul travel too.”

lululemon tights sensation

Shop → Jet Crop Slim Pant, $129
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