Why yoga is great for guys

These days yoga schools are seeing more and more men roll out their mats and get stretchy. As we slowly demystify yoga, and as more and more people recognize that it’s a practice for all people of all shapes, genders and sizes, we’re getting everyone from CEO’s to footy players hitting the mat.

Yoga was actually created by men for men. A regular yoga practice will help you recover from all of your other athletic pursuits faster. It also does a great job at keeping you injury free and excelling at life. Promoting greater focus, better sleep and increased mobility, whatever you do in life, yoga makes you enjoy more fully.

At Flow Athletic www.flowathletic.com.au, my studio in Sydney’s Paddington, we offer a range of classes for all levels including Broga, Yoga for Men, on Wednesday evenings 6pm. Broga is a donation based class with all proceeds going to the Prostate Cancer Research of Australia.