Why you don’t need to sit still to meditate

Lying on your mat in Savasana (or the corpse pose) is a time when you should be thinking of absolutely nothing. That’s what Savasana is for.

But Meditation is no easy feat. And I know it sounds crazy coming from me, a qualified yoga instructor, but I’ve still not been able to meditate properly after all the training I’ve been through. Running a digital publication is 24/7 and finding the time to focus, be still and not picture to-do lists in my mind is definitely a struggle I deal with every day.

But, there have been times where I have been able to not think about anything: when I’m running and feeling free.

I consider this my own form of meditation – of the moving kind. It’s that point where I can’t remember running from point A to point B because the feeling of being free was just so surreal and euphoric that any thought that entered my mind was completely dismissed.

Moving meditation a great distraction for me as it allows me to switch my energy from work mode to myself. I kind of think of it as me letting my mind go to sleep to repair and nuture itself for the time it needs to be ‘awake’ again. That feeling of having a fresh, clear, rested mind then lets me think better and be more productive with my work. In fact, it’s a given right for us all.

So my advice? If (like most of us) you struggle to meditate lying still, try lacing up your trainers and going for a light jog around a lake or anywhere you can be free and feel the beauty of nature envelop you.

Trust me, your mind will thank you for it later.




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