Why you should start massaging your face now

Facial massage treatments are something that we should all be taking the time to include in our weekly skincare routines. Not only will your skin exude radiance, but working the muscles in your face is like giving them their own ‘daily exercise’. And when we workout the muscles in our skin, our facial appearance becomes more supple, toned and firm. Hello youthful looking skin! Facial massages also prevent the skin from sagging and losing its glowing lustre. And that’s a physical trait that no one wants to experience. So the next question is… how does it work? We’ll let health and fitness expert Bianca Cheah and beauty Vlogger Chloe Morello share their skincare routine.

How to do a facial massage

Just head to Bianca Cheah’s YouTube channel that features her beauty Vlogger gal pal Chloe Morello, where the two friends demonstrate how they like to perform a quick facial massage with one of Bianca’s personal favourite products, the Sukin Rosehip Oil.

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