Torah Bright’s top snowboarding tips for standing up in one day

We recently had the pleasure of sitting down (on a chair lift) with Olympic gold medalist and Roxy’s golden girl, Torah Bright to talk all things snow.

Growing up in Sydney, my family would always opt for beach destination holidays. I was never a Milo kid or learned how to ski. However, once I left High School I decided it was time to hit the snow. A five hour drive later and I was in Thredbo giving snowboarding a try with my best friend in tow. Three days on the slopes and a few lessons later we were both linking turns on Thredbo’s reknowned Friday Flats, loving life. Let’s just say from that day on, I was hooked! I loved everything about being in the mountains – the fresh air to the rush of going fast on your board, and of course, choosing your gear.

What followed was sixteen years of snowboarding in Australia and around the globe – Lake Tahoe, Austria, Japan, Canada and France to name a few. I love the snow and my favourite winter sport, by far, is snowboarding.

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down (on a chair lift) to chat to Winter Olympic gold medalist and Roxy’s golden girl, Torah Bright about the best way to get started on a snowboard.

Torah’s Top Snowboarding Tips

1Find friends to try snowboarding with

It is fun when you have other people to learn with.

2Get a lesson

Learn from instructors who can teach the right technique, especially learning how to fall properly.

3Wear a neck warmer

A neck warmer will keep you warm while cruising the mountain on your board. Try Roxy X Biotherm Neck Warmer – it is infused with an exclusive formula, which protects the face and neck from harsh snow conditions.  

4Decide whether you are regular or goofy

This will determine which way you stand on your board.

5Get the right board set up

An instructor can help you with how wide your feet should be and the angle set up for your bindings.

6Choose the right height for your snowboard

Torah recommends a board that is between the height of your chin and the nose.

7Start on a beginner run

Try Thredbo’s Friday Flat for an easy starting slope.

8Pick the right time of year

Torah recommends hitting the snow in August as it is a great time of year to try snowboarding. Spring riding in September is also fun!

We hope you are feeling inspired to grab your friends and hit the slopes this winter!