You’ll adore these 7 luxurious soy candles

We’re big indulgent candle fans here at Spoteluxe HQ; they convey a warm, rich, relaxing and inviting feel in our homes (and in our case office – we almost always one burning here). Still, it’s just as important to be mindful of exactly what the ingredients are in the candles we’re burning and absorbing. These soy candles contain no nasty chemicals – only scents like spicy leather, cedar, mango and papaya.

Here are our favourite picks right now…


This elegant candle combines french pear, coco and wild lime fragrances to a spicy, decadent end, but it’s the complete focus of this brand on being natural that seals the deal. Each has over 40 hours burn time, is free from sulphates, paraffin and parabens and comes with a lead-free cotton wick. It’s glass casing is equal parts edgy and pretty too.

soy candles, luxurious candles

Shop → Musq French Pear Candle, $49


Lyfestyled by Kyly Clarke

Part of the new luxe candle and diffuser range recently launched by Kyly Clarke, this divine combination of creamy vanilla and toasted coconut scents is absolutely heart-warming and smells almost good enough to eat. We especially love the elegant packaging too.

soy candles, luxurious candles

Shop → Lyfestyled by Kyly Clarke Vanilla & Coconut Candle, $49



Elegant rose fused with a daring and delicious blackcurrant. This floral candle is created with crushed black currant leaves and the petals of the exquisite Bulgarian rose that offer a scent you’ll love lit through your home.

soy candles, luxurious candles

Shop → SoH Rose and Berries Soy Candle, $49


By Rosie Jane

Made with 100 per cent essential oils, this candle will pepper your house with beautifully subtle rose scents that ignite your senses and have a super-feminine tone without being too overpowering. It’s not a super-sweet rose, but instead gives the feeling of a room full of fresh rose petals.

soy candles, luxurious candles

Shop → By Rosie Jane Soy Candle, $48



Through the common adoration of high quality design, this candle is a collaborative scent brought to you by THE STABLES and Lumira. This elegant and sophisticated fragrance is a fusion of the soft and warm notes of leather with a woody spice of cedar, making it unpredictable and edgy.

soy candles, luxurious candles

Shop → Lumira Leather and Cedar Soy Candle, $55


Circa Home

If you’re dreaming of sipping on a mango daiquiri in the tropics, light this candle cocktail of mango, orange and passionfruit laced with jasmine and a splash of vanilla, then close your eyes and feel like you’re sprawled out on an ocean-side lounger. We love that these are hand made in Australia as well.

soy candles, luxurious candles

Shop → Circa Home Mango and Papaya, $29.95



Made from 100 per cent vegetable wax, this rustic candle is hand poured and delivers a refreshing elderflower scent that is warming, fresh and clean. The recycled glass jar will also adds a rustic edge to any abode.

soy candles, luxurious candles

Shop → Izola Elderflower Soy Candle, $38
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