Wisdoms supermodel Hannah Saul learned from her trainer

By guest blogger, Australian supermodel and fitness influencer, Hannah Saul 

I grew up in Byron Bay so I have always loved keeping active, spending most of my days doing surf club and surfing with my brother and friends. It’s funny how you can spend hours being active and it is not even classed as a workout!

I started becoming interested in training when I moved to Sydney as a model because I no longer had the time to spend hours playing on the beach.

When I started modeling, working out wasn’t in fashion, however I always really admired the Victoria’s Secret girls, especially Candice, and I realised that those girls definitely work out, so I decided I was going to take it more seriously too.

I started googling the Victoria’s Secret workouts and seeking inspiration from various ‘celebrity trainers’ on YouTube. I then started posting images of my workouts and myself training on Instagram and found that I received really positive feedback from my followers and even had some of them sharing their workouts with me.

A few months into my training, I decided to do some sessions with personal trainer Nick Tait, and now I have been working with him for around three years.

Hannah Saul, fitness advice

Here are some of the best tips Nick Tait ever gave me:

  • If you don’t have much time to train, don’t waste your time with isolation exercises such as bicep curls. Maximise your workout by doing compound exercises such as squats and deadlifts as they utilise more muscles and therefore help you burn fat in a shorter period of time
  • You don’t have to work out for an hour to get results! If you are short on time, do a quick 15-20 minute HIIT workout. Something is better than nothing and it is better to keep in the habit of being consistent with your workouts.
  • If you are travelling or have an early start but still want to fit a workout in, do 15 x squats, 15 x push ups 10 x lunges per side 15 x mountain climbers 4 ROUNDS. You can also add in ‘bench jumps’ which you can do off the end of the bed if you want to. It’s a great full body exercise!
  • Engage your core in every exercise. Not only is it important for good posture and safety, but you should use every exercise as an excuse to work your core, even if it is a shoulder or leg exercise. It will save you having to do an AB circuit every time you train.
  • Try to use any spare moments that you have to move. Even if you only have a 10-minute break at work, do a wall squat, a plank or just do some stretching. Finding a few moments throughout your day to move is a great way to help keep you energised and focused.

Hope you find these tips to be useful too!

Hannah Saul, fitness adviceAbout Hannah Saul

Australian supermodel Hannah was one of the first major health and fitness influencers on Instagram before deleting her account last year to take a hiatus (she recently returned with a new account here). She is best known for her JETS and Nookie campaigns and regular magazine appearances. Keeping active and healthy in an industry where there is so much pressure on body image, has inspired Hannah to fuse the two – fitness and fashion – into a program that encourages a strong mind, body and soul.

Hannah Saul’s fitness app Han X Fit launches in mid October, but is available for pre-orders in the app store now here! Han X Fit offers body weight, gym, kettle bell and core workouts and all fitness levels are catered for! It is the perfect app for the busy girl on the go and you can use it no matter where you want to train!