Wookie the (very rare) Blue Frenchie visits Sporteluxe HQ

Blue french bulldog, Blue frenchie, Wookie the blue frenchie

They say that rare things happen ‘once in a blue moon’, but here in the Sporteluxe office it’s more like ‘once in a blue Frenchie’.

That’s because you’ll almost NEVER see a French Bulldog with a blue coat – breeders spend years, sometimes decades working toward just one dog of that colour, which explains why their price tag is often way beyond the $20,000-mark! All though the blue is not a recognised breed colour, we love them all the same. (After all, isn’t unique absolutely the best way to be!?)

As it happens, Sporte the Frenchie has a very, very special little cousin, Wookie, and she’s the best kind of distraction to have here in the Sporteluxe office. She’s just 12 weeks old, but already a superstar.

Wookie is only here for a couple of weeks, so keep your eyes peeled on the Sporteluxe pages to see some more modelling action for these two little canine celebrities!

Say hello to Wookie, the Blue Frenchie model-in-training…

Blue French Bulldog, Blue frenchie, Blue frenchie puppy French bulldog blue french bulldog blue french bulldog blue