Would you eat this new meat protein bar?

Chief bars, Libby Babet
Chances are most of you Sporteluxe readers have tried a protein bar or hundred over the years, but we bet you’ve never tasted one quite like this. Chief Bar, created by our own new PT contributor Libby Babet and ultra marathon runner Veronika Larisova, is the first meat-based, savoury protein bar available in Australia (perhaps the world!?)
What’s so different about Chief Bar? Firstly, they’re savoury. Second, they’re made from 100 per cent animal-based, whole protein, which is easy for your body to digest (other bars usually source their protein from soy or whey protein, which are highly processed and rely on sugars to make them ).
There’s also nuts, small amount of dried fruit and herbs thrown into the mix. All of the meat is 100 per cent top-quality grass-fed sourced from Australian regions; they start with 80 grams of meat to create a 40 gram bar, so it’s incredibly nutrient dense. And yes, it’s pretty much Paleo. They come in two flavours at the moment (beef and lamb).
“Most people eat far too many sweet foods, especially in the form of packaged snacks and supposed health bars that come loaded with sweeteners, sugar or high quantities of fructose-packed dried fruits, like dates,” says exercise physiologist Veronika.

The pair spent more than a year refunding the process, with the help of one of Australia’s top Food Scientists, and refused to include preservatives or add extra salt for taste. The result?  A savoury snack with no chemicals, preservatives, gluten, dairy and low sugar, and high in anti-inflammatory omega-3s, muscle-building CLAs and vitamins A and E.

Are you intrigued yet? We were, which is why we decided to taste test the ‘Beef, Almond + Cranberry flavour, getting a ‘guy versus girl’ opinion.

Chief bars, Libby Babet

Here’s Bianca thought of it, compared with Rachel and her foodie partner Alex.

(Hint: their answers were very different…)

What Bianca thought:

What did you expect it to taste like? Salty beef jerky that you buy at petrol stations
What did it actually taste like? Seriously, like a lamb roast that I would cook for dinner, except room temperature rather than straight out of the oven hot.
Did you have any reservations? (Laughing) I was a little afraid I would spit it out.
What did you like most about it? That it actually tasted like dinner.
Who do you think these would appeal to? Definitely meat-loving men because it does have a very meaty masculine taste. I think it would be great for people who are really into their exercise and weight loss and are looking to cut down their carb intake.
Would you eat one again? Yes i’d like to keep it in my bag as a go to protein snack. I’d really recommend it as a mid-afternoon snack when sugar cravings start to creep in.


What Rachel thought:

Did you have any reservations? Absolutely! Can I just start this by saying I’m a vegetarian with a sweet tooth, so I was never going to be a savoury meat bar’s target market. But I know that anything Libby touches is going to be premium and utterly health-focused, so I wanted to go in with an open mind.
What did you expect it to taste like? Sweeter than it was (I saw the ‘almond and cranberry’ mention on the packet and assumed they’d feature heavily!)
What did it actually taste like? Meat. (No shock there, really) spiced with herbs.
Who do you think it would appeal to? People who want an alternative to sweet, convenient protein-rich snacks. Athletes and people who love strong meat and spice flavours (like Alex and Bianca!) and anyone trying to stick to a Paleo diet on the run.
Would you eat it again? Honestly, no, as I’m vegetarian. But I think it’s cool that there’s a low sugar alternative protein bar for anyone out there who does want to eat meat and needs something nutrient-rich to snack on. (Like my hubby; I’ve already given him two more to stash in his car! Far better than service station chocolate bars…)


What Alex thought (the foodie guy’s view!):

What did you expect it to taste like? Tough and lacking flavour. A bit like jerky. When I first looked at it, I thought it was going to be oily.
What did it actually taste like? Marinated juicy steak with lots of flavour. I really liked the juiciness to it and strong marinated flavour. There really wasn’t anything I didn’t like about it to be honest!
Who do you think it would appeal to? All meat loving people. I really think its a great savoury snack with the benefits of being nutritious and high protein. I’d eat this as a meal replacement (well, maybe I’d eat three in that case, to be honest!)
Would you eat one again? For sure! Does that make me a neanderthal? I really think this would appeal to anyone who loves meat.


Want to try one for yourself? Look for a stockist near you here. At the moment they come in just two flavours: Grass Fed Beef, Almond and Cranberry; Grass Fed Lamb, Almond and Currants.
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