Yes you can have abs with this yoga pose

Yes, you read right, you can achieve rock hard absthanks to the good old plank. If we’re honest, planks are the one exercise we love to hate, but they deliver some serious results (if done right).

Your first attempt at side plank may involve a lot of wobbling, but that’s ok because we all need to start somewhere. Wobbles (muscle shaking) mean you’re using muscles you haven’t targeted before, but with practice these muscles become stronger, which means no more wobbles.

And once you mastered the side plank, then you can challenge yourself further by tackling a few different variations.

But, there is one variation that packs a serious punch and it’s the side plank with leg extended (pictured in the images). As much as your balance is tested in this pose, it all comes down to is focus and core strength. And with persistence, this too can become a very simple move.

How to do a side plank with leg extended:

Location: Hom Yoga Singapore | Bianca wears Nike Legend tights and Reebok sports bra
  1. Start in Downward Dog and take 5 breaths to find your space
  2. Inhale to a plank position, hands directly under shoulders and shoulder width apart.
  3. Now switch on your core by making sure your neck is long whilst pulling your belly button into your spine
  4. Exhale slowly and glide your right foot so that it lands in-between your hands
  5. With your peace fingers, grab your big toe (or your foot)
  6. Inhale, focus straight out in front of you for balance and gently pull your foot up to the sky and hold… (the longer you hold the more activation your abs will get). I like to stay there for 5 breaths…
  7. Exhale slowly glide your foot down to meet your left hand
  8. Inhale to a plank
  9. Exhale push back to a Downward Dog
  10. Repeat on the opposite side

Try 5 sets on each leg for the best results

Sporteluxe Tip: The slower you perform this move, the tighter your abs will become