Yoga 101: How to do the perfect Upward Dog

Bianca Cheah

This week I’d love to share with you my top tips on how to do an Upward Dog really, really well.

The Upward Dog is a great heart-opening posture that gains strength and trust whilst toning the glutes, shoulders and back.

If you’re new to yoga, I suggest practising in front of a mirror so you can correct yourself. When it comes to yoga and your asana (pose), alignment is key. If your alignment is askew, then you run the risk of injury and being hurt usually means your off the mat for a few weeks. So, know your body’s limits and learn to feel the difference between a strong stretch and a painful stretch.

The Upward Dog

  1. From lying face down on the ground, take your palms to face down by your waist. On an inhalation, press into the hands, ease your chest forwards and lift your hips and thighs off the floor. You should be on top of the feet with toes pointing back. 
  2. Shine your chest forward and squeeze your shoulder blades gently together. Look either up or down, whatever feels better for your neck.
  3. Hands should be directly beneath your shoulders and at your hips.
  4. Use the strength of your core to lift your quads off the ground.
  5. Elbows should have a slight bend. Never lock them out.

Bianca’s tip: Never look at your neighbour and compare. Close your eyes and get to know your body and how far it can extend itself. Just remember every time you practice you’ll be able to go deeper. Practice masks perfect!

Lots of luck, and if you have any questions, I’d love to chat to you on, so please do send me a message.