Yoga arm sculpting! Why this pose will tone your arms and shoulders

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Wobbly upper arms are something lots of women worry about. If you’ve noticed yours have a bit more winter jiggle than normal, but the thought of heading outside into the cold to work them off holds zero appeal you’re in luck. You can still give you’re arms a workout in the comfort and warmth of your own home. Master this simple yoga move and your arms will be toned and beach ready by summer!

1     Position yourself in a high plank, with your hands under your shoulders and feet hip-width distance apart.

2     Make sure your wrists and shoulders are in line, thumbs facing each other and fingers spread apart.

3     Draw in your abs and side muscles and press firmly back into your heels.

4     Lengthen forward with your neck long and broaden your collarbone.

5     Now gently lower yourself down into a low plank or chaturanga.

6     Hold here for five breaths, then push yourself back up into a high plank.

7     Repeat five times.

Bianca’s top tip: It’s really important to make sure your back is long and inline. Try pushing up from in the middle of your shoulder blades to counteract your back from arching.