Yoga instructor Kate Kendall’s tips to looking fit and fabulous!

Kate Kendall, Co-founder of Flow Athletic, Yoga/ fitness instructor and regular contributor to the Sunday Telegraph’s Body & Soul talks to Sporteluxe about how she stays in shape and how she likes to relax during the day.

If you’ve ever had the chance to experience one of Kate’s classes at Flow Athletic, you’ll soon realise why her classes are always so booked out. As you wander up the stairs to the studio, there is a beautiful harmonious energy that flows throughout. In class, Kate is inspiring and she radiates a warmth and kindness unlike no other. Flow Athletic is a must for anyone who has not experienced it yet.

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  1. Describe your typical day on a plate.
    1. Breakfast: Fruit Salad with porridge, yoghurt and honey. Favourite meal of the day. 
    2. Lunch: Any kind of chunky salad (chicken or tuna). I love adding sultanas for sweetness and nuts for crunch or rice paper rolls.
    3. Dinner: Love nothing more than steaming some in-season veggies and adding humus, avocado and chilli.
    4. Snacks: Nuts, protein balls, fruit.
    5. Drinks: Coconut water and plain old H20. 
  2. Do you have cheat days, and what food do you like to splurge on? I don’t really have cheat days but my weaknesses are dumplings and Fruit & Nut Chocolate.
  3. At the moment what trainers are you wearing? Nike frees
  4. What is your skin care routine and what are the products you use? Best skin routine is a healthy diet but generally us Rose Hip Oil at night then an Aesop Hydrating fluid in the morning. My good friend and beautician, Gabrielle, does a killer facial too. Bliss.
  5. Favourite workout gear and why? Can’t go past the quality of Lululemon.
  6. How do you stay in shape?  Yoga is my everyday. If I don’t do a full class I’ll do my own practice at home for at least 20 mins. It’s been the most effective way for me to stay toned and mentally fit. I also mix it up with spin and trx classes.
  7. What can’t you live without everyday? Snacks & five mins (minimum) of meditation – super important for me.
  8. What is your quick fix if you are feeling a little out of shape? Hang out with someone who makes me laugh – like my friend Macca. Best remedy.
  9. What is your favourite class to teach? Flow Release at my studio in Paddington, Flow Athletic. It’s a slow flowing class that still moves enough to make you feel like you’ve done something but slows you right down enough to send you into a deep state of relaxation. 
  10. Massage or sauna? Massage. Yum. With my job, I try to get a massage every fortnight. Super important.
  11. Where are you now as you are answering these questions? Jackies Café downstairs from Flow Athletic.
  12. Favourite place to relax and unwind when you are not at work? I like to do things on my own to be ‘quiet’ and wind down.
  13. Hot chocolate or latte? Hot Chocolate. Hands down.

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