You can now design your own sportswear!

On The Go Charity, design your own active wear

The idea of creating a uniform for your weekend sports team or matching gear with friends doing, say, a running event is lots of fun, but actually finding ready-made clothes people all like can be a minefield. Well, we’ve just found the answer to all of your team uniform qualms and queries – an innovative brand that lets you put your creative cap on and craft your uniform from scratch (well, almost).

Design your own sportswear with ONTHEGO

ONTHEGO Sportswear isn’t your average brand of exercise gear. You can customise anything from a T-shirt for your next group running event (accessories included) to compression gear and even a uniform for your whole team, regardless of where you are in the world.

Budding designers can create clothing in five simple steps:

  1. Choose your garment

  2. Choose the colour

  3. Choose how you want it to be decorated

  4. Choose how many you require (as well as sizes)

  5. Add your logo and hey presto! Your custom uniform will be on its way in no time.

More importantly, Team Sporteluxe and ONTHEGO have something in common; we both believe that everyone should have the chance to live an active and healthy existence, everyday.

The beautiful thing about this brand is that for every product sold, they arrange for one child from a poor community in Australia or the Pacific to have access to sport for 12 months.

The #EveryDayMatters initiative allows them to use their business as a vehicle for change and give back to those who need it most by giving them equipment or getting them involved in many other aspects of living life the healthy way.

To find out more about the brand and to start crafting your first collection, visit ONTHEGO here.

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