You can now get pet health advice online from a ‘naturopath dog’

Sporte The Frenchie

The Chairman MeowSo here’s a great PAW event that I attended a few weeks ago… Blackmore’s Animal Health has launched a brand new service called askpaul which compliments their new Pure Animal Wellbeing (PAW) range (which I personally already use for my fabulous shampoo).

Since we’re all going digital these days, and I hear along the pet line that even cats (check out The Chairman Meow) have their own iPad games to play to keep their brains healthy, it only makes sense that the the Blackmores Animal mascot and naturopath Paul B More headed up the advisory service.

What is it, I guess you’re wondering? I think it’s pretty darn cool. It’s a world first in that Paul B More (a Kelpie-cross-Border-Collie) delivers natural pet health advice online. Lucky bugger, wish I had a gig like this…

Thank goodness I don’t have to get dragged to the vet down the road anymore. I can just jump online and chat to my mate Paul about my private issues which I’m sure you prob don’t want to hear.

Anyway, I not only met some great pals down there. But I did spark up a great friendship with Dan Conn’s massive dog called King. And I tried and tried to play with Paul B More, but was just so media trained that he wouldn’t even budge.

So if you have any health issues you don’t want your parents knowing about, or just need a good old chat, then head online to my mate Paul B More who will be more than happy to give you health advice. (Just make sure you tell him referred you so I can get another treat).


Some cool celebrity pet pics from the Paul B More Blackmores event:

Sporte The Frenchie, Blackmores paul


From L to R: Sporte The Frenchie and Bianca Cheah

Sporte The Frenchie, Blackmores paul

From L to R: Dan Conn and King, Bianca Cheah and Sporte The Frenchie, Erin Holland and Paul B More

Sporte The Frenchie, Blackmores paul


From L to R: Erin Holland and Paul B MoreBianca Cheah and Sporte The Frenchie, Ben Lucas and Wilbur The Spaniel