You won’t believe it, but these protein balls are actually tasty!

It happens to the best of us, 3pm rolls around and we start to run out of steam. We have trouble focusing, the clock slowly ticks by and a wave of sleep hits us like a brick wall. But before you reach for the calorie-laden chocolate bar, try IsoWhey Wholefoods Brown Rice Protein Balls instead. At Sporteluxe HQ, we have tried our fair share of healthy snacks and these tasty protein balls are a firm favourite.

A protein ball that is super tasty that comes without the tummy bloat

But what makes these protein balls stand out from the crowd? Featuring an alkaline plant-based source of protein, these protein balls are lower in sodium and cholesterol and are easily digestible compared to other products on the market. This means you‘ll feel full for longer without any dreaded bloating or gas. Win!

We also love that these protein balls are jam-packed with nutritious, antioxidant-rich ingredients including dates, dark chocolate, rice puffs, pepitas, chia seeds and wholegrain brown rice protein. This combination of ingredients not only provides numerous health and beauty-boosting benefits, but also provides natural sweetness.

There are two mouth-watering flavours to choose from to satisfy taste buds, including dark chocolate & goji and dark chocolate, banana & baobab. The single packaging also makes them super convenient to throw in your handbag or glove box for a quick burst of fuel on the go.

So for a nutritious snack, these gluten free, dairy free and vegan friendly protein balls are a winner!

ISOWHEY protein snack

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