Here’s What Actually Happens When You Try To Eat Like A Victoria’s Secret Model

Hint: It's not pretty.

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If you’ve ever watched the Victoria’s Secret models sashay down the catwalk at the annual fashion show, you’ve probably wondered ‘What would it actually take to look like that? Is it just a matter of cutting out carbs for a few days and getting a spray tan?’

Judging by the more than 10 million search results that come up when you type ‘Victoria’s Secret model diet’ into Google, it’s a question that many have tried to answer. But two YouTubers, Candance Lowry and Michelle Khare, have taken their curiosity about the VS diet to the next level.

Image: YouTube/Candace Lowry

In an experience they’ve branded ‘not fun, safe or smart,’ the pair teamed up for a video where they tested the pre-show diet for four days. The eating (or lack thereof) plan was based on the dangerous nine day routine mentioned by VS model Adriana Lima in an interview back in 2011. She claimed that for a week, she would drink only protein shakes made with powdered egg and a gallon of water. Then, in the 12 hours leading up to the show would consume nothing — not even water!

The YouTubers opted for a slightly less extreme version that consisted of two days of eating like a ‘normal’ model and two days of the gruelling, pre-show liquid only diet. For the first two days, the ladies stuck to a small and simple breakfast of oatmeal, egg whites, orange slices, cottage cheese and yoghurt. After a late breakfast, they tucked in chicken, veggies and quinoa for dinner.

Image: YouTube/Candace Lowry

As per a typical VS model, Michelle worked out twice a day and by the second day, was already complaing about feeling too tired and lethargic to exercise. She also reported feeling irritable and moody. Meanwhile, the food left Candace with an upset stomach — so she actually looked forward to the liquid-only days!

Image: YouTube/Candace Lowry

However, by the end of two days, both ladies agreed that it was completely unsustainable. Not only did forgoing food make them miserable, Michelle also reported that she had trouble sleeping. While they conceded that the ‘normal’ model diet was actually a good base for a healthy way of eating, the final verdict was that they wouldn’t wish the pre-show liquid diet on their worst enemies!

So, next time you find yourself wondering why you don’t look like a VS model, just keep in mind the unhealthy and unsustainable lengths they have to go to. Even they don’t look like that all year round! And if you are thinking about changing up your diet, make sure you consult a dietician first.

You can watch the video below.


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